Montgomery Veterinary Clinic Christmas Opening Hours 2018

Mon 24th Dec 9am- 12 noon
Tues 25th Dec Closed – Emergencies only
Wed 26th Dec Closed – Emergencies only
Thurs 27th Dec 9am-7pm (normal hours)
Fri 28th Dec 9am-7pm (normal hours)
Sat 29th Dec 10am-12pm (normal hours)
Sun 30th Dec 10-11am (normal hours)
Mon 31st Dec 9am-7pm (normal hours)
Tues 1st Jan Closed – Emergencies only

We are available for emergencies at all times throughout this period- please ring
01303 813756




Have a safe christmastime

Grapes and raisins are very dangerous to dogs, so keep your dogs away from those delicious smelling mince pies, christmas puddings, and christmas cake.

Even the low sugar treats under the tree can be fatal, as xylitol used in some sugar free sweets and treats is very poisonous to dogs.

Macadamia nuts are also poisonous as are raw onions and chocolate – especially dark chocolate.

Mowgli next to christmas supply

The very decorative Poinsettia indoor plants can be highly toxic to cats if eaten, and make sure that any car antifreeze is locked away safely in the garage as it tastes amazingly sweet to cats and is HIGHLY TOXIC.

Please please please be careful when topping up your car at this time of year..

Don’t forget your small hutch bound pets this winter.

The temperature is up and down, with some warmer days that don’t feel cold at all, but some days when rabbit and guinea pig bottles would definitely be frozen.

PLEASE check on your furry friends and their water bottles daily. They would almost certainly benefit from extra bedding and being moved inside, or covered well, to keep warm as well as way from any predatory foxes.

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*Coronavirus Update*

*Coronavirus Update*

Following on from the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday evening the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has announced that appointments must be limited to emergency appointments only. We will now triage every patient over the phone before they attend the...